Project Management & Implementations


Modern Global economic environment is qualified as highly → competitive, dynamic and complex.

As response of these challenges integrated ERP systems have become one of mandatory means → to forecast, manage and control businesses.

In this perspective → Implementation of ERP software applications is business critical task.


"Oracle E-Business Suite" is worldwide and multibusiness → proven and comprehensive software ERP system.


To "Oracle E-Business Suite" we deliver:
  • Feasibility Studies & Advisory.
  • Full Scale Implementations.
  • Business processes redesign and reimplementation.
  • Post Implementation Reviews.
  • Proven and Structured methods → for process oriented → business case architecture and requirements definition → implementing customer strategic business objectives.

    We know that successful implementation of every company activity requires not only its substantial understanding but business aspects as well.

  • Best Project Management Practices → to plan, execute and control the implementation → but scalable and flexible enough → to tailor requirements of different size and localization → customer organisation.

    We consider proven practices as best guarantee for implementation quality → but when only applied → on flexible way to customer: business case - size and complexity, internal standards and reduce of administration burden.

  • High-Quality and Cost Effective implementations at Minimized Risk → ensured by equal accent on both → profound knowledge one "Oracle E-Business Suite" functionality and business expertise → of our consultants.

    Our goal is to provide best balance of time-cost-quality which meets our customer expectations and budget.

  • Change Management Processes → and techniques application for successful and secured migration → from legacy system and practices to the new implementation of "Oracle E-Business Suite".

    Well organized and controlled migration to new solution can guarantee business continuity during transitional period.

  • Advanced User Training methodologies.

    High user business and technical skills is one of key factors to be reached project objectives even for best designed implementation.